Antigone Magazine is a bi-annual magazine about women and politics at the University of British Columbia. Founded by Amanda Reaume with the help of WILLA UBC (Women Involved in Legislative Leadership Association), Antigone Magazine is a magazine about women, politics, women in politics and the politics of being a woman.

The name ‘Antigone’ comes from a Sophoclean play by the same name about a woman who defied the patriarchal political order of her state because it sought to stop her from doing what she believed was right. Her act of political resistance is one in which her own conscience superseded the unjust politics of the time and forced her to step out of ‘her place’ as a woman in order to redress a wrong that had been done. She was chosen as the namesake of our magazine because in our minds she represents the female voice that refuses to be silenced.

Antigone Magazine has covered topics ranging from the history of Childcare in Canada to the current state of women in federal politics and interviewed prominent female politicians like Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and former Prime Minister Kim Campbell.

Antigone decided to launch this blog because we wanted to provide a forum and community for young women to discuss news stories about women and politics in BC, Canada and the world.

We believe it is important to discuss and advance issues that matter to women. We also believe that there is a general lack in the Canadian blogosphere of forums that deal exclusively with women’s issues and women in Canadian politics. We also believe that young feminists (primarily in Vancouver) need a rallying point from which to work for change.

We therefore hope you will enjoy our mix of news, stories, commentary and event listings centering around women in politics and the Vancouver feminist community. It is about time that women were put back on the agenda!!

The Antigone Magazine Blog hopes to showcase a variety of different viewpoints from women affiliated with a number of different political parties, as well as, from those who take a non-partisan standpoint. For this reason, the views of any one blogger do not necessarily represent the views of the magazine as a whole.

We would like to welcome our current Bloggers:

Edith MacHattie

Kristen Myres

Kaitlin Blanchard

Amanda Reaume

Jill Gordon

Xenia Menzies

If you are interested in blogging for the magazine, please e-mail antigonemagazine(at) Otherwise, we welcome you all to contribute to the discussion in the comments section of the blog!

Please feel free to submit info to our ‘Weekly Events’ feature to be run every Monday (Please submit all information by the Friday before and make sure your subject line says ‘Weekly Events’).