Child care has been a huge issue on my personal agenda this year. I became interested in the topic one day last semester; I was sitting in an English Lit class in which we were discussing the roles of women in myth. I had never spoken up in the class before (it was still early in the term) and I found my hand shooting up and asking…

Who’s looking after the kids?

I knew it wasn’t the men, they had been off fighting a war for almost a decade so I assumed it would be the women’s job. Well then I thought… so nothing has been changed since ancient times, the burden of care is still squarely on women. So… can we get a little help? Check out the writings of Deborah Rutman more information on “the burden of care”.

I don’t know if I want to have kids but I do know that if I did, I would want to also keep myself happpy and if at the time of kids I still want a career… I better have some freakin’ support looking after them. In Canada, there is NO effective child care policy, it doesn’t matter what time frame you look at or what political party you analyze. There has been no real answer to this is a very important part of the social policy puzzle. As the cliche goes, children are our future, they need to be educated and cared for because I am working my butt off to make some positive changes in this world and I want to make sure that when I retire, there are competent individuals that can take over my workload.

In my article I briefly discussed the child care crises at UBC. I will continue to post relevant information from this institution and the nation on this blog. To hear some great child care rhetoric check out the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development and to catch a look at the work of child care advocates check out:

Thanks for checking out our magazine and for caring about “women’s issues”, we are going to do great things with this so stay posted.