Our issue this Spring is entitled ‘Caution: Women at Work’. In conjunction with the launch of our second issue we have added web content in order to expand the debate and engage young women in conversations about the issues we raise. We welcome you here to our blog and hope that you will return many more times!

Next week, we will begin posting on news stories and women’s or feminist issues on a daily basis in order to continue the debate and to encourage the engagement of women in politics. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the extra content that we have added here and the opportunity to discuss issues that we brought up in our current issue.

So the question that we were trying to answer in putting together this edition is – what is the state of women’s work life? What are the challenges that are most important when talking about women and work? We’ve answered that question by pinpointing day care and pay equity as two major problems that concern women but there are many more – which I will feature over the next month every Tuesday and Thursday (my designated posting days)… so tune in!

In the meantime… we offer you… Stephen Colbert… wearing a bra.

(Correction to the issue!!! Antigone feels terrible that it forgot four very important people in its Staff/Contributors Section. A big thanks to Kristen Myres and Xenia Menzies – WILLA’s wonderful presidents without whom this magazine could not exist! Also, thank you to Caitlin Dunn for editing help and Joanna Chiu for help with distribution!)