The CBC has a fascinating article entitled ‘Funny That Way:Blades of Glory and the Homophobic Impulse’. Its a great expose on one of the things I hate – the tired reliance of ‘gay jokes’ for cheap comedic effect. Because it’s okay to laugh at gay people…

Even in 2007, post-Brokeback Mountain, post-Ellen and Rosie, when Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington is chastened by his bosses and sent to rehab for referring to a gay castmate as a “faggot,” making fun of gays is still comedy gold. With so many targets now forbidden from the comedy repertoire (like Jews, black people, women … unless they are horny, fat, black women played by men in padded suits — you go, Eddie!), gay men are one of the last remaining minority groups that can be mocked with impunity.

Because what’s funnier than suggesting that two guys with – as Chazz would put it – “matching dongs” are doing it? Such anti-gay humour doesn’t just litter sophomoric gross-out comedies like Little Man, Boat Trip and the Scary Movie franchise, but shows up in the relentless gay-baiting banter between Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest on family-friendly American Idol, as well as in popular, mainstream movies.

I know. I know – I’m confirming the fact that feminists have no ‘sense of humour’ (I beg to differ my friends… I happen to be very funny!). As a devoted ‘fag hag’ myself, Blogger PegsPirate at Soup is Good Food articulates how I feel about this best:

There’s this excuse when people go into comedies that they aren’t there to think. That has to be the lamest excuse for tolerating this kind of hate.

Imagine saying to a gay friend: “I’m going to see a movie that gets its laughs by saying gay behaviour is ‘icky,’ ‘unmanly,’ and something real men don’t ever dare stray into … but that doesn’t mean I’m homophobic or I hate you, I’m just going because I want a brainless laugh.” Call me crazy, but that would make you a bad friend.