Antigone supported Joyce Arthur forwarded this petition on to me and I thought it was important that I post it. New restrictions on New Brunswick women’s access to abortion require that two doctors approve the procedure before Medicare will pay for it. This unfairly targets low-income women, young women, immigrant women, rural and minority women and women who have no family doctor or a anti-choice doctor. Such restrictions are in my mind unacceptable! Please take a stand for abortion rights and sign this petition.

You can sign the petition simply by emailing your name and address to the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women. They are making two lists to be presented to Premier Shawn Graham, one for residents of New Brunswick and one for supporters outside the province.


New Brunswick women have launched a petition in support of improved access to abortion.
To sign the text below, send your name and address: to

To the Honourable Shawn Graham, Premier of New Brunswick and the Honourable Michael Murphy, Minister of Health: We the undersigned, believe that whether or not to have a safe, legal abortion is a woman’s decision and hers alone. We urge your Cabinet to immediately repeal Regulation 84-20, Schedule 2 (a.1) under New Brunswick’s Medical Services Payment Act, which states that abortion will be paid for by Medicare only when approved by two doctors and performed by a specialist in a New Brunswick hospital.

This regulation severely restricts New Brunswick women’s access to abortion services. It especially discriminates against low-income women, young women, rural women, minority and immigrant women, and women with no family doctor or an anti-choice doctor. The regulation violates the Canada Health Act and women’s constitutional rights. We call on you to immediately repeal Regulation 84.20.

Contact person: Judy Burwell, Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada /Coalition pour le droit a l’ avortement au Canada,