Well, it seems Ms. May has run into some roadblocks in her bid to win the Green party’s first seat ever–namely the (seemingly impossible) dissolution of party lines. Is the overly cumbersome strict partisan nature of our political system ever going to go away? It’s debatable at best.

Unfortunately, partisan politics is the primary source of public opinion and vote generation in elections; opposing party lines (and ‘supposedly’ conflicting ideologies) inform voting practices and aid the Canadian public to make ‘informed’ decisions (might we say non-reflectively?) about their choices for public office.

I think the ‘backscratching’ here has huge potential toward achieving change–rather than stagnating in the weeds of perpetual ideological opposition–but maybe that’s just me? Dion’s recognition of May’s potential political clout is a HUGE step towards recognizing not only a female leader, but the issue she stands for first. In fact, not once in the entire article is the fact that May is a woman mentioned!!! Here ideas trump gender lines.