On April 5th, Antigone showed up to support the protest against pro-life group Genocide Awareness Project or G.A.P and to hand out a couple of copies of our new issue! A coalition of numberous student groups came out to protest:

Pro-choice demonstrator and UBC student Kelsey Patton explained that while freedom of expression is important it must be balanced with other concerns.

“While it’s important that groups have freedom of expression on campus,” said Patton, “If that freedom of expression infringes on other peoples’ rights and it’s degrading and offensive to other people there needs to be measures put in place to address those concerns.”

The problem that most students have is not the pro-life message but the way in which that message is communicated – through large graphic images in the middle of campus throughways and through offensive comparisong to genocides like the Holocaust.

Anyways, we at Antigone want to thank those people who protested against the display and to spotlight them here! Here are some pictures from the protest:

Chris Walsh with unidentified protestor

Sarah Taylor hands out leaflets!

WILLA President Kristen Myres