• Gina Witfield talks about how young women have to step up in light of the recent US Supreme Court Decision regarding Late-Term Abortion. She emphasizes that this points out how women’s reproductive rights are never secure… even in Canada (Rabble News).
  • This article talks about women in the GOP and how they historically formed the background of the party only to be pushed out later by men. Though it talks about women involved as candidates and elected officials within Republican ranks, it also contains this eye roll worthy statement by Roxanne Wilson, the wife of US Rep Joe Wilson: “I’m conflicted about the whole thing of women wanting to be in (elective) politics.” As we all should be. As I always say… Women get the to a kitchen! (The State).
  • Bjork’s! New album! Is about Feminism! Okay, so maybe this has nothing to do with politics… but I went through a major Bjork phase in high school and just listen to this:
    “There are actually other things than losing a glass slipper. I mean, part of it was having a little daughter and realizing, what are we telling girls? All these books out there about finding your prince. All these little girls, all they want to do is be pretty and find their prince, and I’m like, what happened to feminism here?” *Amanda swoons with happiness* (Pitchfork).
  • Women make gains in French politics apparently. I love this quote thought: “A woman sounds modern. A woman sounds like the thing to do. We’ve tried everything and failed so far. So why not try a woman?” Yeah… they’ve definitely made lots of gains. (SFGate).