• Women In Media Network’s guest blogger Ivonne Salazar talks about misogyny in hip hop and how Russell Simmon’s call to block out the words ‘ho’, ‘bitch’ and ‘nigger’ fails to address the underlying culture of misogyny within the industry. Very interesting read!(WIMN).
  • An article about women in politics in Bath and how they’ve managed to come together despite their differences. It also talks about a Girls Day in the legislature in which young girls are asked to accompany their representatives for the day! Such a cool idea! I think Canada should make such an effort to encourage young people’s interest in politics!(Times Record News).
  • THIS IS AN AWESOME ARTICLE! I had to say that… in caps. Boston University prof, Caryl Rivers talks about how the media manufactures stories (think the Mommy Wars, the Opt Out Revolution) in order to play of women’s anxiety. Great article. Can’t wait to read her forthcoming book: Selling Anxiety: How the News Media Scare Women (Common Dreams).