Well, isn’t this lovely. I’ve heard of female politicians being criticized for having children and being involved in politics, and thus not playing their proper ‘Mommy’ role, but now in Australia female politicians are being attacked for chosing NOT to have children. I didn’t know that one’s procreational choices were matters for public debate. Silly me.

Bill Heffernan said Labor Party deputy leader Julia Gillard did not understand the public because she had no children.

He has since apologised for the “inappropriate” comments, first made last year but repeated again this week.

Analysts say the incident will be an embarrassment for his close friend, Prime Minister John Howard.

Mr Howard has made it clear he does not support Mr Heffernan’s comments.
“The question of whether people have children, whether they marry and have children, is entirely a matter for them and I do not think it should be a matter of public comment,” Mr Howard told reporters.

I love how this isn’t the first time he’s made such remarks. I think someone should start criticizing him for being a bad father since he’s away from his children all the time for his political career. Then perhaps he’d understand the pressure female politicians (and women in general) face because they usually have to take on the burden of care for children.