Can that be made into a verb? If it can that would explain the strange things that have been going on in the comments section for a post that I made about abortion in New Brunswick over a month ago! Somehow it has been spotlighted as a place for pro-lifers to come and post about abortion. All the posts detail women’s experiences with abortion and how much they regret having them.

I want to start this post then by saying how much I respect their experience and their drive to speak out about it. As a pro-choicer myself I don’t kid myself into believing that everyone who has an abortion has a wonderful experience and never regrets their decision. Some of these women talk about being pressured into having an abortion and I feel truly sorry for them. But I think that the other side of the coin is just as true: not everyone who has an abortion has a terrible experience and regrets their decision. For some women having an abortion is the most wonderful thing that they have done!

Regardless of my own personal pro-choice beliefs though, I still believe strongly that there are some areas where pro-choice and pro-life people can potentially work together. Ensuring teenagers are given proper sex education and access to contraceptives is one thing that would help greatly reduce the number of abortions. Also, providing women, especially young women who are pregnant and want to keep their children, with the resources to enable them to support their children and to fulfill their own dreams. My main problem with some pro-lifers is then that as much as they seem to want to stop abortions, they also seem to want to punish women for having sex. Some pro-lifers are thus against comprehensive sex education and support for women who have children. I actually had one woman say to me that having a child at a young age that ruins your future dreams was something young women deserved if they had sex. I just think that’s a really perverse attitude to the whole issue – and not a very Christian one!