Okay, so maybe there was no ‘speed dating’ per se… although there were a couple of jokes regarding speed dating because of the set up of the room where I did my workshop… But back to the things that actually happened. Like being interviewed by CBC Radio One’s ‘The Coast’ about Antigone Magazine and the workshop that I gave last night for the BC Council of International Cooperation. My workshop, entitled ‘Texts and Cybertexts: Zines, Blogs and the Politics of Change’ went over great! I spoke about the history of zines and blogs and some steps on how to create them and then we all worked together to make a collective zine.
Can anyone say cool? Honestly, what a great day! Check out the pictures from the workshop and the one at the beginning of the post from CBC’s studios (that’s me attempting to take over the airwaves). Now that I have a program put together for this workshop and for the talk that I did about women and politics, I’m more than willing to do workshops for any interested organizations. Just contact me (antigonemagazine@hotmail.com)… or you know go through my media people (I’m kidding).

For anyone who heard about Antigone from the CBC, here’s some more information about our magazine and blog:

Antigone Magazine is a semi-annual magazine about women and politics at the University of British Columbia. Founded by Amanda Reaume with the help of WILLA UBC (Women Involved in Legislative Leadership Association), the magazine was launched in November, 2006. Antigone seeks to be a publication about women, politics, women and politics and the politics of being a woman and has interviewed the likes of Kim Campbell and Elizabeth May.

Antigone is currently seeking to expand to other universities. If you are not a UBC student and would like to buy a yearly subscription ($12) please e-mail antigonemagazine@hotmail.com

Special thanks to Kate (my media tutor), Caro (my understanding boss who let me run off to the CBC in the middle of the workday), Meredith (my secretary/cheerleader), my mom (who taped the interview), Gillian (the cool woman from the CBC who tracked me down) and Kaitlin (my one and only Assistant Editor/Underling).