I just wanted to express well wishes to Belinda Stronach during her fight with breast cancer. My mom had breast cancer and this year celebrated her 10th anniversary of being cancer free! I hope in ten years Belinda will have a similar milestone to celebrate and that she’ll be doing so from a position back in the thick of Canadian politics! Anyways, here’s an excerpt from a great article in the Toronto Sun:

I do know Belinda and one thing’s certain, she definitely doesn’t want you to feel sorry for her. In fact, she wants you to challenge her more than ever before.

Allow me to offer some advice to people who are supporting family members or friends through treatments. There’s nothing more infuriating than being treated differently because you have cancer. We are the same people we were prior to our diagnosis. Cancer simply magnifies our personality, dreams and aspirations. Stronach is a generous person; she wants to make a difference, an impact on the world. She wants to save lives in Africa, help educate women in impoverished countries, help champion the rights of women and to make a difference in the lives of Canadians. She wants to have great fun while working hard. Her cancer intensifies those goals and traits, making them more evident and real

Good luck to Stronach with her treatments and her fight! We will definitely be thinking of her.