This is very good news. Okay, so this might not seem like the most sexy and interesting post I’ve ever written… but I assure you it is. After all, there is nothing as unsexy as living into your old age in poverty… which many women now do based on their lack of pensions. Says the Vancouver Sun:

More women in the workforce are being covered by registered pension plans, according to data released by Statistics Canada.

But total membership in Canada’s 15,130 active plans remains virtually unchanged with about four out of every 10 workers participating.

StatsCan said the number of men belonging to a registered plan remained unchanged at 2.98 million, while the number of women increased 0.7 per cent to just over 2.71 million

This is good news that women are increasing their participation in pension plans. Although Antigone is aimed at young women, it is very important that we too think about and plan for retirement and the sooner we start the better!