Oh, Warren! Warren Kinsella,blogger and Liberal statagist posted what amounts to a very sexist picture on his blog Tuesday of Progressive Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod. As you can see above, it features her with a thought bubble over her head that says: “I very much wish I was somewhere else, at this very moment. Baking cookies, perhaps. Oh my.”

Come on people! Why are we making such sexist and inappropriate jokes at this moment in history! Definitely a bad move on Kinsella’s part! Luckily he has realized this – taken the photo down and apologizing for it.

Remember bloggers – Feminists don’t have a sense of humour… when the jokes are not funny, play on sexist stereotypes and demean female politicians…. for being female. Read the Globe’s take below:

But it was the depiction of Ms. MacLeod, who at 31 is the youngest member of the legislature and the mother of a two-year-old daughter, that raised eyebrows.

“What he did was sexist,” Ms. MacLeod said in an interview Tuesday. “It was wrong and it belongs in another era of politics, not in 2007.”

Ms. MacLeod has spent her first term as an MPP trying to break down barriers for women in politics by encouraging more to run for elected office. She said she would much prefer to talk about ways to make the legislature more family-friendly than how a Liberal Party strategist has stereotyped her as Betty Crocker.

Mr. Kinsella removed the offending photo from his blog Tuesday afternoon. He declined a request for an interview. But he said on his blog that he removed the photo after a New Democrat member of the legislature tried to “make hay” out of the photo.

“I took it down earlier today because my wife – who is a lot smarter than I am – thought it wasn’t funny,” he explained on his blog. “She’s right. So that’s what happened, for those of you who are asking. I unreservedly apologize to anyone who was genuinely offended.”

The cookie remark appeared to be a reference to former U.S. first lady Hillary Clinton, who during the 1992 presidential campaign defended her choice of a law career by saying: “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas.”

Ms. MacLeod and New Democrat MPP Cheri DiNovo said the blog item could not have come at a worse time. Party leaders of all stripes are attempting to woo more women to public life. Women account for one-third of the Liberal Party’s slate for the election. But five of the legislature’s 26 women have chosen not to run again.

“It is just completely outrageous and appalling that someone who is a spin doctor for the McGuinty Liberals would come out on his website with such a blatantly sexist cartoon,” Ms. DiNovo told reporters. “What does that say to women who are thinking of going into politics?”