There has been quite a lot of controversy recently about muslim women and their ability to exercise their democratic right to vote, while still following their religious or cultural tradition or wearing a burka and covering their face. Luckily, women will now be able to vote and observe their religious beliefs. This is obviously a good thing, because even if you disagree with the practice of wearing a burka, the last thing that will ’empower’ these women is denying them their democratic rights!

Ottawa — Muslim women wearing niqabs or burkas covering their faces won’t have to remove them to vote in three federal by-elections in Quebec on Sept. 17.

Elections Canada spokesman John Enright says the women can bring a piece of identification with a photo or another document proving their identity when they vote.

However, the women wearing niqabs or burkas who don’t have any documents would have to show their faces to allow their identity to be confirmed.