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I had a fabulous time this Saturday eating souvlaki with Stephane Dion! A special thanks goes out to Jennifer Sweeney (pictured above), a dear friend of mine and a loyal Antigone supporter who invited me to the event and then was a networker extradinaire – introducing me to everyone and making sure that a copy of Antigone got into all the right hands and that I got an interview and photo with Dion (check out our next issue for that!). Whew! She was tireless!

Interestingly, we also got talking about how important it is that women support other women and mentioned a book that she had read entitled ‘She Wins, You Win’ . I really liked the description of the book when I checked it out and thought that I’d share it with you, as it sums up quite well what Jennifer and I were talking about. I find it interesting to look at your own liberation and success as tied in with that of other women. Instead of competing with other women, ideally you should be working with them.

In this follow-up to her Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman, Evans advises women to trump the old boys’ network by playing a “girls’ game.” Espousing a one-for-all, all-for one approach, Evans insists women must work together to “achieve a critical mass at the highest levels,” concluding, “Every woman must always play on the women’s team.”

Speaking of women – I wanted to mention also how impressed I was at the amount of women candidates that the Liberals will be running in BC in the next election. Almost 40% of the candidates are women! Dion spoke at the event about how important it is for women to be involved in politics and business and I truly appreciated the fact that he is making women’s involvement such a huge priority!

Anyways, check out the rest of the pictures to see the great time that I had! By the way, I would love to be an Antigone Ambassador at other political events for any party – so if you know of any going on in Vancouver, please invite me along! You can e-mail me at antigonemagazine@hotmail.com.

Amanda and Liberal Candidate Briony Penn

Amanda and Janine Krieber, Stephane Dion’s wife

Antigone Supporter Aliya and Janine Krieber