Well, my conference in Ottawa was pretty fantastic! As you can see, my panel was made up of some fascinating and truly accomplished women. From left to right you have political scientist Emmanuelle Hebert, former federal Minister Jean Augustine, and Equal Voice Founder Rosemary Speirs. In the picture below you’ll see human rights lawyer Marilou McPhedran, former Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan and Rosemary again!

The panel was such a fabulous experience. It was great to hear about these women’s experiences in politics or the political arena and their ideas about why women are not involved. We talked a lot about how female politicians are treated in the media during the session, and how female candidates often have to be asked more than men to run, but are actually asked less. There was a lot of other interesting territory covered but I’m not going to divulge it just yet!

Being the committed editor that I am, I took my tape recorder with me to Ottawa and managed to interview (or set up times to interview) all of these women. Boy are their stories interesting. Wanna hear about them? Well, you’re just going to have to read the next issues of Antigone!