I was flipping through my guilty pleasure, People Magazine, which is usually my own one-way pass to completely turning off my mind. However, it wasn’t the inane celebrity articles or fashion glorifications that stopped me short, but an ad for milk. Part of our generation like MTV and Rollerblades, the ‘got milk?’ campaign is a series of ads featuring well-known celebrities with milk mustaches. The theme is usually related to whatever the celebrity is well known for (i.e. milk helps the Williams sisters stay in top tennis form, and Sheryl Crow play music well). However, this particular ad has Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Ramirez talking about how in “show business your figure, well, shows”.

Poor Sara Ramirez. A talented actress and singer, she is known as the ‘curvy one’ on the hit show Grey’s Anatomy. Recently, her character was dumped for the white, blond and thin Izzie (Katherine Heigel), during which much comparison of exterior was made throughout the story arc. This was not unexpected on the show, as we all know how Hollywood tends to treat its women. What bothered me is that the milk campaign decided to go the same route. The ad plays on the fact that Ms. Ramirez is on the the hit show, in which she plays a doctor, specifically a bone doctor. If I remember my grade two science correctly, milk may do something good for your bones. On relying heavily on fan’s knowledge of the show (the tagline was ‘Great anatomy’) there was a chance here to play up the professional accomplishments of the character that Ms. Ramirez plays. Nope, this was a chance to showcase the fact that all eyes are on her weight at all times.