Kudos to the Toronto Star and Antonia Zerbisias. Zerbisias, a Living columnist for the Star has launched a feminist blog called Broadsides!!! That’s right, a mainstream media outlet has launched a FEMINIST Blog!!!!!! They don’t even try to pussyfoot around it:

Antonia Zerbisias is back to blogging. The Star’s Living section columnist launches Broadsides, her fearless, funny and feminist take on the man’s world where women live. Join in as she kicks butt, including her own as she also blogs about her New Year’s resolution to lose 45 pounds.

Wow. Amazing. I thought I would be dead before the mainstream media began giving time and resources to cover women’s issues. And I’m 23. I do sincerely hope that it was the feminist part and not the weight loss part that sold them on the issue.
Regardless, In the last few days she has done a fabulous job and covered issues as far ranging as the Hillary Teargate 2008 (insert eye roll in the direction of all the misogynist this situation has brought out of the woodwork) and the sexism on the US Campaign trail. I have already found her to be an engaging, intelligent and interesting read and I recommend that you all read her blog regularly, comment and write letters to the management to show that these kind of voices ARE IMPORTANT!!!
Because not everyone thinks so… like this one guy who writes in response to her post on how ridiculous it was that america was commenting on Chelsea Clinton’s looks when she was a 13 year old in the White House:

I know that looks are a sore point for you, being unattractive, but why do you hate men so much? Is it because none of them want you? Or are you just being overly emotional? Regardless, we won’t have to hear about Chelsea for much longer since no American in their right mind would want a woman in the White House.

Well, the crazies were bound to come out right? But, I just want to voice my full and complete support for Zerbisias’ blog and for more blogging and print coverage of women’s issues in the print media in general. So, welcome Antonia (may I call you Antonia?) and may we enjoy your blogging and commentary for many years to come.
Oh, and main stream media – if you can’t find anyone to write more articles about women and especially young women… please, call me. I’ve got an honours degree in English and plenty of clips.