Think human trafficking doesn’t happen in Canada? Think again. It’s a problem and one that won’t get any better unless we take action on it and raise awareness about it. CTV writes about the break up of the Toronto trafficking ring…

A fourth Toronto-area man has been charged with bringing foreign women to the country to work as sex slaves.

He is one of seven people charged in a human trafficking ring that has brought a number of women from Eastern Europe to Canada with fake passports.

The suspects are accused of luring women to the country under the pretext they’d be working as models in Canada.

Police allege the women were held against their will when they arrived and were told they’d be working as escorts for the ringleaders of the operation.

Their duties included performing prostitution-related activities.

Officers from Toronto and York Regional Police searched numerous residences and arrested six people from the GTA on Thursday.

Toronto resident Artur Tomchin, 35, and Richmond Hill residents Andrei Khazarov, 39, and Daniel Leshinsky, 38, face several charges.

After police made the initial arrests, they located an additional victim who gave information leading to yet another suspect.

Volha Vassilievna Venar, a 35-year-old Toronto resident, was arrested on Sunday and charged with conspiracy, human trafficking, exploitation, procuring a person to become a prostitute and living off the avails of prostitution.