Thanks in large part to an impressive turnout of female voters, Hillary Clinton eeked out a slight victory over Barack Obama on Super Tuesday.

Edging close to midnight pacific time, CNN projected a win in California, the delegate rich state, for Clinton.

Overall, “Hillary Clinton carried white voters over Barack Obama, 52 to 43 percent. Obama carried black voters 82 to 16 percent. Clinton won Latinos 61 to 37 percent, and Clinton carried Asians 68 percent to 30 percent,” reports CNN.

Women made up a majority of voters overall on the biggest day of presidential primaries in the U.S.– about 57 to 58%.

“According to early exit polls—and they’re early, so the precise numbers could change—she is up among women in each of these states, and others, by at least 15 points,” reports Slate magazine.

But the competition is tight and an epic battle in this landmark election year is looming.

It’s not over yet,” Clinton, who would become the country’s first female president, told supporters Tuesday night in New York,” according to Canwest news service. “Tonight, in record numbers, you voted not just to make history, but to remake America.”