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Nurturing Spirit: Self~Community~Earth

Friday February 29th & Saturday March 1st

WSC Mission:

The WSC is organized, facilitated, and attended by women of all ages with diverse spiritual/religious lineages. Our intention is to nourish body, spirit, emotions and mind through contemplative and embodied spiritual practices, dialogue and the arts. Our desire is to generate dialogue, learn from one another and celebrate together to increase multi-faith awareness in an atmosphere of acceptance, compassion and respect.

Event Location : Canadian Memorial Church
Center for Peace
1825 West 16th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J 2M3

Healing Touch/Energy Healing sessions will be offered during all break times. Come early to book.

WSC Sponsors: The Rag Magazine, St Georges Parish, Stongs, Starbucks, Terra Breads
A canvas Labyrinth (classical-chakra-vyuha type) and Meditation space will be available during the event.

Contact: ingrose@hotmail.com