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Oppose Bill C-484, the “Unborn Victims of Crime Act”
Rejeter la « Loi sur les enfants non encore nés victimes d’actes criminels » (Bill C-484)

A private member’s bill called The “Unborn Victims of Crime Act” (C-484) has been introduced by Conservative MP Ken Epp (Edmonton Sherwood Park). It had its first hour of debate in Parliament on December 13, and is projected to come up for its second hour of debate on February 29, with a vote on March 5.

The text of the bill is here: http://www2.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?Docid=3127600&file=4.

The bill would amend the Criminal Code to allow separate homicide charges to be laid in the death of a fetus when a pregnant woman is attacked. If passed, this bill would be an unconstitutional infringement on women’s rights, and would likely result in harms against pregnant women. It is a key step towards re-criminalizing abortion, but it could also criminalize pregnant women for behaviours perceived to harm their fetuses.

For more background info, see here: http://www.arcc-cdac.ca/action/unborn-victims-act.htm

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