Really? Canada is trying to claim moral high ground in relation to women’s representation in politics. This article reports on Canada’s attempt to influence the Kenyan government to appoint more women to cabinet. Apparently, the last government only had 10% of women in cabinet and the current government has only 7% of women in parliament.

It seems like the Canadian government forgot only 21% of our parliamentarians are women and WE have a lot of work to do ourselves in encouraging women in politics!

Canada wants the coalition government to appoint more women to the Cabinet.
The country’s High Commissioner, Mr Ross Hynes, yesterday said women deserve more than the seven per cent they constitute in Parliament.

“Let us hope it’s better than the 10 per cent in the previous Government, considering the disproportionate way women and girls have suffered in the post-election crisis over the past two months,” Hyness said.

He spoke while opening a workshop for girls at the Commission headquarters, Nairobi, ahead of the International Women Day on Saturday.

The diplomat said women’s participation was crucial in resolving political crises.