Elizabeth May rocks. I have to say it… because she totally rocks. I just finished watching the debates, and I must say that I enjoyed every second that she was on camera. She is fiery, direct and articulate. In truth, she is a refreshing breath of fresh air in politics.

Every time she spoke she did so with passion, intensity and intelligence.  She wasn’t afraid to speak plainly and to say what she thought. As such, she was able to come across as a leader who is well-reasoned and well informed.

I’m so glad that Elizabeth May was able to take part in the debates, and I hope that her participation will be an inspiration for girls and women to get involved in politics!

Here are some great May-isms from the debate:
“What you said about the parks was good, everything else you just said was a fraud”

“As a woman and a single mom… I’m really good at multitasking… so it will be more than one thing.”

“Where is it?” [when Steven Harper mentioned his platform.]