Here are some pictures from the opening launch party of our Dreams for Women Gallery Exhibit! If you missed the launch party, no worries–the exhibit will be on until the 11th, 11 am – 4 pm daily at the SUB Gallery.  The exhibit is interactive, meaning we highly encourage you to come and be inspired by the postcards we have received, as well as, creating your own postcards at our table and adding them to the display.

Also presenting… our new video. When making these videos, I am inspired and humbled by each individual dream, no matter how simple or complex. Through a range of emotions, Dreams for Women reaffirms my belief that the movement is not over. From dreams there can be action and change.

This video is dedicated to the woman who told me she had lost her dreams and could not offer me one when I had asked her to participate in the video. Know that you are strong, beautiful, and full of potential. I believe in you. I hope this video inspires you, as it will others. Thank you to everyone that made the video and the publication of our new calendar possible. The video is also on display at our exhibit.
[NOTE: the high quality version you can watch on YouTube is far superior to the one below :-)]