Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning. – Gloria Steinem

With 2008 coming to a close, I wanted to say a little something to mark the first anniversary of the Dreams for Women project. We started posting Dreams for Women postcards on our blog in January 2008 and it has been an incredible first year!

I never would have known that in that time, we would receive postcards from places as diverse as Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Romania, Japan, or Spain. I never would have known how much the postcards that I received would touch me and move me and make me think. I didn’t know then that I would be moved to tears when I received postcards from an eating disorder clinic, or that I would share postcard making with my beautiful and intelligent younger sister.

And I never would have known then that I would take the Dreams for Women postcard art project to the New York United Nations office, or to the University of Southern Connecticut. I especially didn’t know that we would be mentioned in Ms. Magazine, and on Feministing, and showcased in the International Museum of Women. Or that the Dreams for Women calendar would take off as it did. Or that I would meet and speak to and hear from so many people who supported our work and were inspired by what we were doing.

Life is full of surprises and this year has been a surprise for me. It has been exciting and fun and enriching and I want to thank you for that. The readers, the artists, the purchasers of calendars have given me so much this year. You have inspired me and sustained me in my work and my feminism. Thank you so much. Happy first anniversary Dreams for Women! May there be many more!

Dreams for Women will be back on January 11th, when I am back in Vancouver and have time to upload some of the great postcards I have recently received!