Blake Frederick

Paul Korczyk

Alex Monegro



Blake Frederick:


Could a feminist ask for a better AMS President candidate than Blake Frederick? Probably not. Not only is he a regular Antigone reader, but he has also volunteers for the Vagina Monologues at UBC.


It gets better. Child care is part of his platform AND his personal statement! In fact, if elected he plans to help create a united coalition of groups to lobby all levels of government to fund the creation of new childcare spaces (wait… isn’t that what Antigone is working to do? Synergy much?), increase the AMS Evelyn Lett Childcare Bursary AND call on provincial government to provide more money to student parents through the Child Care Subsidy program.


Go vote for this guy. Stop what you’re doing. Go to the student center, log in and vote. Now. This is a guy who understands child care and fights for it. Says Frederick:  “I’ve been fighting for affordable childcare on this campus for over a year now alongside AMS VP External Stef Ratjen. During the municipal election, I produced a lobby document (see attached) that argues for all municipal governments to commit to expanding childcare in the city. For the federal election, I produced a similar document and lobbied over a dozen federal candidates on childcare. As AMS President and UBC Board of Governors representative, I will continue to fight for the expansion of affordable childcare spaces.”


And he also gets the importance of having women in politics: “The AMS itself is vastly underrepresented by women. This is blatantly obvious by the fact that there are no women President or Board candidates. The problems of representation are complex, but the AMS must change the way it functions so that it can be accessible to all students. As AMS President, I plan on initiating a comprehensive indepedent review of systemic discrimination in the organization and ways to fix it. I consider this one of my top priorities.”



Two words: Vote. Now.


Paul Korczyk:

Mr. Korczyk didn’t reply to our e-mails and does not mention child care on his website.



We don’t endorse that which we don’t know. That should be a proverb. We also don’t support those who don’t make child care a priority.


Alexander Monegro

Mr. Monegro didn’t reply to our e-mails and does not mention child care on his website.



Blake Frederick is a much better option. Not only does he directly address child care in his platform, but he also responded to our inquiries with enthusiasm. We are however encouraged by the fact that Mr. Monegro was endorsed by April Tam, the VP of the Women and Gender Studies Student Society.