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Timothy Chu


We love Timothy Chu for his enthusiasm for child care on campus. Child care is part of his platform and he has some great ideas, however as VP External, we would have loved to see more plans for him to lobby the government to get increased funding.


Regardless, we are excited about this idea:

“I want to … create a childcare centre on campus that is administered by the AMS. This childcare centre would be revenue neutral and must be completely non-profit to ensure that these spaces are accessible regardless of socio-economic background.


I also want to work with the VP-Academic and the Senate to implement a CSL (Community Service-Learning) at the childcare centre. A CSL is a course where for two weeks the students are removed from the lecture setting and given an opportunity for some hands-on experience. If we implement a CSL at the childcare centre, we would put students in the centre to help out and learn some hands-on experience. By implementing a CSL in the childcare centre, not only would we be able to have our at-large students who are studying in fields like Family Studies, Education and Psychology receive hands-on experience but we can maximize the number of childcare spaces if enough CSLs are implemented in the childcare centre because then the students can play a part in caring for the children.”


Totally awesome idea! Plus, he wants to work to get more women involved in the AMS.





Iggy Rodriguez:


Mr. Rodriguez did not respond to our e-mails or mention child care in his platform.



Sorry, Iggy. No endorsement for you.