Saudi Arabia has taken a huge step forward for women’s equality by appointing it’s first female minister:

Nora bint Abdullah al-Fayez, a US-educated former teacher, was made deputy education minister in charge of a new department for female students, a significant breakthrough in a country where women are not allowed to drive.

“This is an honour not only for me but for all Saudi women. In the presence of a comprehensive operational team, I believe I’ll be able to face challenges and create positive change,” she told Arab News. Fayez said she would study the state of girls’ education in Saudi Arabia before commenting on the task before her.


“This is a successful step. We’ve always suffered from having a man occupy the position,” she told the Saudi newspaper Arab News after her appointment as deputy education minister with special responsibility for female education.

She added: “A woman knows what problems and challenges her peers face. It’s a change for the better.”

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