Hello everyone! My name is Emily and though I have been part of Antigone for the past year I have not yet blogged on our wonderful blog yet. That is about to change, however.

On August 30th, I turned 20. I am no longer a teenager, I am officially a “young adult”. Before my birthday I was a sulky mess, I had some sort of Forever Young/ Peter Pan complex thing going on. I wanted to be a teenager forever. A lot of people have said they hated being a teenager because it was all awkward and such. I loved the awkwardness and the teenager antics, it was amusing. But now I am a “twenty-something”.

I have come around now and I am actually quite pleased to be a young adult. I think I’ve turned out okay so far, and I’m excited for my life as an adult. I was good at being a teenager, but I think I will be good as an adult, too.

Here is what I am hoping/aiming for as I take on my twenties:

  1. To become a better leader, and by doing so find my voice more in able to speak out about the issues I really care about. I have a tough time speaking out in class and such, stating my opinion in a group of people unless I am really, really confidant in what I am saying. I think now that I need to just take a risk and say stuff even if it comes out a jumbled mess. It would be a messy start, but a start nonetheless J
  2. To become more in control of my finances and to be a better saver and a smarter saver. Right now my mum makes sure my money is where it’s supposed to be and such, I earn it, she allocates it properly, and I want to be able to do it myself.
  3. To become a better driver. Right now I am a Nervous Nellie on the road and I must be able to get myself from point A to point B without freaking out the entire time.
  4. To stay on top of and be well informed of current events. I get stuck in the UBC bubble and my work on campus, I need to make a more conscious effort to keep up to date about what’s going on the world, because some day I am going to help run it.
  5. To take better care of my physical health. I eat way to much pastry and junk food. I am a vegetarian who survives off of lattes and chocolate bars and bubble tea. No joke. This is going to change. I’m going to learn how to cook, damnit!
  6. To be conscious of my role as a role model. I realize more and more that whether I like it or not, the choices I make influence those around me, and I want to make sure that I am leading by example and practicing what I preach.
  7. To learn basic words and sentences in various languages. I want to be polite in all languages, not just English. Desperate hand gestures and such aren’t gonna cut it anymore for me, surely I can manage, “Can I help you?” and “Thank-you” in Polish and Korean and Punjabi and Sign Language and…..
  8. To always be grateful and to count my blessings. I am very lucky young adult. I have a loving family and great friends. I have good health and I go to a great school and I am determined to make a difference.

” I can be changed by what happens to me.

I am not reduced by it.”

-Maya Angelou