Another round of endorsements for this year’s election. As we have been busy, we weren’t able to send the candidates questions like we did last year, but we did inspect their platforms and ask around to determine who cared the most about the issues we hold dear: namely child care, equity issues, tuition and sustainability. We give you our endorsements!


Natalie swift:

We heart her. First of all, it is nice to see a woman running for President of the AMS. But, obviously, her gender isn`t the only reason why we like her. We sat down with her last week and discussed child care, equity and tuition and found the majority of her positions on these subjects to be encouraging and definitely closer to our views about the importance of taking action on these issues than any of her opponents. Natalie was very enthusiastic about the Child Care Conference that we are helping to organize and takes child care seriously. She is also a supporter of UBC Farm, and she feels like the AMS needs to bring in equity experts to deal with the problems regarding equity issues and find a way for students from marginalized groups to have representation. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE for her!

Bijan Ahmadian:

We don`t trust that Bijan has student`s best interests at heart.  He seems to be in student politics as a means to propel him to greater things, and we don`t really think that is the kind of politician that UBC needs. There are also concerns regarding his opinion that AMS services like SASC (the Sexual Assault Support Center) be cut back in order to save money. Views like that are not acceptable. He gets a definitely NOT from us!

Sean Kim:

We think this is a two pony race and haven`t seen anything in Kim that would make us hopeful of what he could bring to the position in support of the issues that we care about. Since we`ve already endorsed our Pony, we are passing on rating the other candidates (including joke candidate Pak Ho Leung).

VP Administration:

Michael Haack:

We like Haack`s emphasis on sustainability and working with clubs to streamline processes.

Ekaterina Dovjenko:

We like Ekaterina`s attempts to create more inter-club networking.

We can’t choose!

Vice President External:

Tim Chu

While this might be our most controversial endorsement, we endorse Chu. We have worked with Chu in the last year and can testify to his passion for issues like child care and equity issues. We think he has done a great job and sticking up for the issues he ran on and was elected for. We do know that everyone does not agree with this. We therefore encourage those who appreciate what Chu has done to vote Chu as a protest vote. He probably won`t win, but we love him. He`s so cute and supportive of equity issues.

Jeremy McElroy

We like Jeremy but not as much as we like Chu.  Still, we think he would work well and effectively with Natalie if she were elected as their goals of creating a provincial lobbying group of post-secondary groups are in alignment.

Stas Pavlov and Aaron Palm

They seem like decent guys, but they haven`t really given us anything substantial that we like. Sorry!

VP Academic and University Affairs:

Rodrigo Ferrari –Nunes

Nunes has a lot of experience at UBC, having spent 7 years here.  Nunes is extremely dedicated to social justice and we really like that about him. We think he would be a very sympathetic force on equity issues and be a great advocate within the university for attention to these issues. We would vote for him.

Ben Capellacci

While Ben seems earnest, his platform gives us feminist, child care advocates, minority rights activists nothing to really sink our teeth into. The thing he seems most excited about seems to be the ability to improve communication between the University Neighbourhood Association and the Greek system. That`s not really on our priorities list.