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This week, I finally sent out the book proposal to 4 publishers (two US and two Canadian publishers). I had been working on this proposal for about a year and a half now. In the fall, I sent out a query to a number of agents and got no bites – but I did get one helpful response by an agent directing me to a particular publisher. The book industry is tough to crack into and I’m not discouraged! Just keep spreading the word about my blog to your friends and I’m sure that we will get this on the desk of an agent or publisher who will see the value in a book featuring female world leaders telling their stories and giving their advice to young women and girls!
The publishers that I targeted in this initial send off were mid-size publishers, as many of the larger ones don’t accept unsolicited works! I contacted:

– Seal Press, US
– Newmarket Press, US
– Orca Publishing, Canada
– Kids Can Press, Canada

If you know of any other publishers that you think I should send a proposal to, let me know! I should hear from them withing 6-8 weeks and so I am keeping my fingers crossed. It would be nice to get a publisher from this round of queries, but I am not holding my breath!

In the meantime, I will distract myself by starting to contact the politicians’ offices and develop the questions that I would like to ask the politicians!

Particularly, I want to know what advice they have for young women and girls. Here is the list of women I want to interview:

1. Kim Campbell, First Female Prime Minister of Canada
2. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, First Female Liberian President
3. Helen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand
4. Mary McAleese, President of Ireland
5. Margaret Thatcher, First Female Prime Minister of the UK
6. Mary Robinson, First Female President of Ireland
7. Tarja Halonen, First Female Prime Minister of Finland
8. Angela Merkel, First Female Chancellor of Germany
9. Michelle Bachelet, First Female President of Chile
10. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, First Elected Female President of Argentina
11. Yulia Tymoshenko, First Female Prime Minister of the Ukraine
12. Luisa Dias Diogo, First Female Prime Minister of Mozambique
13. Jadranka Kosor, First Female Prime Minister of Croatia
14. Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir, Prime Minister of Iceland
15. Han Myung Sook, Prime Minister of South Korea
16. Portia Simpson-Miller, First Female Prime Minister of Jamaica

What would YOU want to ask these women?