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Before I start blogging, I just wanted to take a moment to mention the Chilean earthquake disaster. I have caught tidbits through the news as I’ve hopped through the airports and wanted to say that my thoughts are with the victims of this disaster.

Knowing the complete devastation that has been visited upon Chile and other countries who have (or may soon) suffer the fallout of the earth quake made the fact that Air Canada lost my luggage AGAIN seem kind of trivial.

I finished packing at about two in the morning. The past week I have started my days at around 7 and not finished until around one or two. I have two kids, and I also work a full-time and a part-time job to support my family. So to wind everything up as much as possible before leaving for such a significant amount of time, I had to really work long and hard. Even still I didn’t get everything done.

None of my lay overs was very long. I hopped from Yellowknife to Vancouver to Toronto and finally here, in New York.

The lay over in Toronto was only long enough for me to haul myself through customs, and unfortunately my suitcases are still in Toronto and probably won’t be here until tomorrow afternoon. It kind of makes me wish I’d packed something dirty to give the customs officers a chuckle when they search the bags, unfortunately for them its just gonna be a lot of clothes and makeup, which I’m guessing would be pretty boring.

Luckily the last time I came to the UN in New York Air Canada lost my bags as well. So this time I was sure to pack a full outfit with extra pairs of socks in my carry on luggage. Being clothes-less last time I was here in socks that I had spent the whole day traveling in was pretty awful, even though all my roomies were very nice to me and pooled extra clothes for me to borrow, it still wasn’t a pleasant experience. Plus this time I am staying by myself in a teeny little room in the hotel next door to where everyone else is staying. I wouldn’t have had the same access to borrowable clothes.

Tomorrow Kate from FAFIA and I will be attending a brunch with the Federal Minister on the Status of women; Minister Helena Guergis. It will be a brunch thing and I see already that Lynelle Anderson of the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada will be there as well. I also saw Michelle of the Federation des Femmes du Quebec registering at the other hotel as the shuttle I was in dropped off passengers. Andree Cote of the PSAC is also here, so there will be a lot of familiar faces from the last time I was here. It makes me wonder if they get to come every year and makes me want to learn from their experiences.

Tomorrow will be fairly easy. I hope to connect with Kate before the meeting with the minister, and then the real craziness will begin on Monday.

Wish me luck! and please keep the disaster victims in your thoughts and prayers!