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I think that aside from just being born as leaders, there are a number of feminists who are also born with an incredible generosity of spirit. I could tell you countless stories of the support and help and mentorship that I have received from fabulous feminist women that has made such a difference in my life and the work that I do.

One great story is a recent one. When I announced my book project on a national feminist listserv (Par-L for those who are curious), the generosity of the replies that I got truly humbled and touched me! Within a couple of hours, the President of the Canadian YWCA had e-mailed me with an offer to try to contact two of the women leaders who were on my list who the World YWCA had worked with in the past. Also, one of my activist soul mates, the phenomenal Jessica Notwell (whom I met at the UN’s 52nd Meeting of the Status of Women and who is involved in the World YWCA and who is also the Manager of the Women’s Economic Council) e-mailed me to tell me she would be on a panel with Mary Robinson in March and would tell her about my book project.

Finally, the publisher at a feminist press in Canada sent me an e-mail wondering if she could help. Of course, I quickly dispatched a reply to her with a copy of the book proposal asap. I am still waiting to hear back from all of them and I will update you when I do.

My strategy is to try to get at least one of the women that they have connections to to do an interview. That way, when I send e-mails to the other politicians, they will recognize the names of the women I have already interviewed and be more likely to participate.

Wish me luck! Or send me your own generous offer to help!