So… I got my first rejection letter in the mail (and a second rejection letter via e-mail). The first was a very official rejection letter – that came in the mail. Having been an aspiring writer for so many years, and read the stories of other aspiring writers, I was not surprised or traumatized by the experience. I was actually expecting it.

I mean, all writers expect to get rejected. In fact, I almost wanted to take that rejection letter and frame it. It is all part of a long process that will end with my book getting published (I hope) and millions (okay thousands) of young women and girls being inspired to consider politics as a career. My book was not right for these two companies but I know that it will be right for another publisher. And, above all else, I know that it will be right for the girls and young women who read it.
The first rejection letter I got was obviously a form letter. But the second one that I received via e-mail offered some hope.

Thank you for sending your very impressive book proposal to ******* Press. I’m sorry to say that Some Leader Are Born Women isn’t a good fit for our publishing list. I see on your blog that you have also sent it to KidsCan Press, which is a very good choice. I believe that this is an important book and I regret that we cannot take it on.

Well, here`s hoping that I will find a publisher who will love this book and be able to publish it!