Antigone`s Canadian Women`s History Issue is now online! Feel free to read it, forward it along, use it in your classes or groups and share it with friends and family! We are working to get all our past issues online and hope to have the rest up by the summer!

Also, Naomi Black, who is interviewed in the issue, had some corrections to add and was kind enough to send them into us:

CW, originally written by six historians and one political scientist, has no connection to the Canadian Historical Association (p. 18). CW had a second edition in 1996 and is currently being updated for a third edition by a group of four women, three from the original group (two historians and a political scientist) who have been joined, to our great pleasure, by a younger historian from Quebec. The author are now, in alphabetical order, Naomi Black, Paula Bourne, Gail Cuthbert Brandt, and Magda Fahrni (p. 19). The book is scheduled for release by Thomas Nelson in October 2010.

The interesting interview with Marilou Mcphedran: Laura Sabia was not on the RCSW; it’s the Canadian Federation of University Women (not Association – CFUW), and the first chair of the CACSW was not Doris Anderson but Katie Cooke (all on p. 13).

The Persons Case: It has confused many experts. It’s usually written “Persons Case,” no apostrophe, now. And the case went from the Supreme Court of Canada on appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, presided over by Lord Chief Justice Sankey (p. 12).

Thanks Naomi! You rock!