We offer groups and individuals the opportunity to fundraise with Dreams for Women calendars because we think it is important to help other groups and individuals make money for their causes. With our partnership with Women’s Worlds 2011 this year, one of our goals is also to help Women’s Worlds attendees fundraise for their trips to the Congress! We want lots of fantastic women at that great event!

We know how hard it is to coordinate your own fundraising initiatives and so we try to help by doing almost all the work for you! All you have to do is take our great product and sell it.

We’ve made the fundraising process as easy as 1-2-3

1.       E-mail us!

You can start fundraising with us by shooting us an e-mail at antigonefoundation@gmail.com. Let us know that you want to fundraise for a non-profit organization or for yourself (you can fundraise for your trip to Women’s Worlds, for an international volunteer project that you are participating in, for registration to a cool conference or workshop that you want to attend… anything you want).

2.       Decide if you want to fundraise by Ordering or Electronic Selling (or do a little of both). With either option, you have the opportunity to get 1 demo calendar at a discounted rate of $5 (plus shipping and handling) for you to show your friends.


We will sell you whatever number of calendars that you would like at a discounted rate. Just send us the amount and your address and we will give you  a quote on how much it will cost for the calendars and shipping. Bulk orders are regularly priced at $10 each for any quantity over 6 calendars, however, we offer an early bird discount if you buy them before they are printed of 20% off. We also offer discounts for purchases in multiples of 25 – that means that you will get discounts if you order 25, 50, 75, 100 or more calendars.

Advantages to Ordering:

–          You get the calendars ahead of time so that you can sell them immediately.

–          You can collect cash and give out the calendars on the spot.

–          You can get extra discounts and make more money off each of the calendars.

–          You can even collect all the money and names of your buyers before hand and make one big purchase and we will send them to you for you to distribute – this saves on shipping and makes friends who don’t like paying for things online more comfortable.

NOTE: If you pre-order calendars, you cannot return unsold calendars so be sure to order only as many as you know that you can sell.

Electronic Selling:

We can handle all the calendar selling for you, without you having to go out of pocket to purchase the calendars at the beginning. All you do is e-mail (or Facebook or Tweet) your friends about your fundraiser and have them go purchase the calendar online at our store and PUT YOUR NAME IN THE COMMENT FIELD. It’s that easy! Also, to help you fundraise, we will sell you 1 demo calendar at a discounted rate of $5 (plus shipping and handling) for you to show your friends.

NOTE: that in order to do this, you have to pre-register with us so that we know where to send your funds to by e-mailing us at antigonefoundation@gmail.com first!

Advantages to Electronic Selling:

–          You can sell calendars and raise money without having to make a commitment or lay out money up front.

–          You can advertise online.

–          We handle all the money and shipping for you.

–          All you have to do is advertise to your friends, family and community.

NOTE: Money from Electronic Sales of the calendar will not be distributed until April or May 2011. However, we can update you of how many calendars that you sold if you e-mail us (please give 1-2 weeks for response time as we are busy during this period). Also, if the event that you are fundraising for happens before April or May, you can request an early disbursement.

3.       Start promoting your fundraiser!

That’s it. All you have to do is e-mail us, figure out which way (or ways… you can sell both ways if you want) you would like to fundraise, and then start telling people about your fundraiser and selling calendars. To make it easier for you, we even help by providing you with pre-made posters, e-mail templates, and press releases!

So, what are you waiting for? The holidays are fast approaching and the Dreams for Women Calendar goes over great as a gift! Your friends, family and supporters will be sure to snap it up! Let’s work together and raise money for your cause and ours!

Have more questions?

Email us at antigonefoundation@gmail.com.