The 2nd Pan Canadian gathering of young feminists is fast approaching! This RebELLES Wave of Resistance is set to occur in Winnipeg May 20-23rd and all feminists between the ages of 14-35 are invited!

RebELLES hopes to attract delegates from every province and territory in Canada to provide a space where young women can define their own feminism and build connections. The first gathering featured arts based acts of resistance, Radical Cheerleading squads who showcased their environmentally friendly anti oppressive talents and a number of small discussion sessions on feminism, capitalism and our dreams for the future.

If anyone between the ages of 14 and 35 from the NWT are interested in attending this years gathering to:

* Learn about feminism and what it means to other young women

* Share your reflections and analysis of different issues that affect us as young women from diverse backgrounds

* Learn about and discuss our priorities for action as young feminists

* Share our struggles and discuss strategies to resist and combat patriarchy and other forms of oppression

* Create solidarity and reinforce the RebELLEs young feminist movement in Canada

*Celebrate our struggles and solidarity… Who said feminists don’t know how to party!?

please feel free to contact me at mirahall at gmail dot com so that we can figure out how to get an awesome delegation of NORTHERN RebELLES to Winnipeg!

To learn more about RebELLES or to find a regional coordinator from somewhere outside of the NWT you can also visit