Okay, I have to get something off my chest. I think there’s something really cool about chainsaw artists. Chainsaw art is art made with a pretty hard core power tool and I find it fascinating to watch the artist make something spectacular out of a log.

What I think is beyond cool is female chainsaw artists. I love to watch them work and luckily some of them have YouTube Channels, so I can do that regularly. My favourite female chainsaw artists are:

Griffon Ramsey:

11 griffonrGriffon works out of Austin, Texas and is a sculptor who works in other mediums other than just wood. She was raised by a family who carved things and created things and that made her interested in wood and chainsaw sculpting. She says:

I have to admit, the concept of creation through destruction appeals to me – cutting out what doesn’t need to be there to reveal the things that matter. In 2011, I picked up my first chainsaw and immediately fell in love with its power, versatility, and speed.

Cherie Currie:

11 cherieCherie is THE Cherie Currie – as in the former singer for The Runaways. How more rock and roll can it get? Apparently, a teenage rock star wants to be a chainsaw carver when she grows up. Not a bad life choice! I want to be a chainsaw artist when I grow up too!

Cherie is a member of a group of female chainsaw artists known as the Chainsaw Chix.

I love the whimsical work that she does and just look at how cool she looks in the picture at the left!

Angela Polgraze:

11 angela

Angela is from Australia and first picked up a chainsaw to make art in 1997. Since then, she hasn’t looked back and has gained a reputation for her style, originality, and speed.

Angie won the 2004 Australian National Chainsaw Carving Championships, and won second place in 1999 and in 2003.

Angela is also a member of The Chainsaw Chix!

See chicks with chainsaws in action:

Become a Chainsaw artist:

If you’re interested in making chainsaw art, I would suggest apprenticing with someone who is already experienced as a chainsaw artist. Google to see if there are any local chainsaw artists and ask them for lessons. I also suggest you check out this chainsaw buying guide if you’re really serious and plan to invest in the tools of the trade. Also, do your research about whether you want a gas chainsaw or an electric chainsaw. Also, be sure to learn and follow chainsaw safety tips! Chainsaws might be cool, but they’re also dangerous and you can injure or even kill yourself if you’re not careful.  Good luck making some awesome art!