2011 Calendar

The World`s Women Are Dreaming About Equality!

Launched in 2008 and organized by the Antigone Foundation, this is our Third Annual Dreams for Women Calendar. This year, we asked women from Canada and the World to contribute to mark the historic occasion of Women’s Worlds 2011 taking place in Ottawa-Gatineau. July 3-7, 2011. This important interdisciplinary gathering, which happens every three years in different countries around the world, focuses on research pertaining to women’s issues and welcomes researchers and activists.
The 2011 Dreams for Women calendar features original postcard art created by women from across Canada and around the world who are part of the Women`s Worlds movement!
Click here to see the complete calendar!
Only $20 (for 1-6 calendars) and $10 (for more than 7 calendars!). Shipping and handling for 1-3 calendars will be $3.50 and for 4-6 calendars $6.50. Please e-mail antigonemagazine@hotmail.com for shipping quotes for orders over 7 calendars.
Payment Options:
You have two payment options. You can pay online or you can also send your cheque (addressed to Antigone Magazine) along with your address  and relevant shipping and handling (for Canadian and US shipping: $3.50 for 1-3 calendars and $6.50 for 4-6. E-mail antigonemagazine(at)hotmail.com for shipping quotes for orders of 7 calendars and international orders!):
Antigone Magazine
Box 61- 6138 SUB Boulevard
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z1

1-3 Calendars:

Preview Image

4-7 Calendars:

Preview Image

7 or more Calendars:

E-mail antigonefoundation(at)gmail.com for a shipping quote


Fundraise with the calendars!

Are you part of a non-profit group that might be interested in selling these calendars as a fundraiser? We will also be selling the calendar in bulk at a discounted price so that other groups can use it for a fundraiser. You are able to buy any amount over 7 copies and will pay only $10 per Calendar. You will then be able to resell it for $20 and raise money for your organization! You can e-mail us for more information at antigonemagazine(at)hotmail.com.

Buy them for your business!

Also, if your business or organization is interested in buying copies of the calendar to distribute to your clients or donors or to wholesale, we will also be allowing you to buy copies at $10 for over 10 copies, or less if you buy in larger amounts. E-mail us with the amount you would like for more information: antigonemagazine(at)hotmail.com.


This calendar was made using soy-based inks and Forest Stewardship Council certified 10% recycled paper in order to minimize its environmental impact.


About Dreams for Women:
Featured in the International Museum of Women, The Dreams for Women postcard art project has attracted worldwide attention and interest, garnering media attention and submissions from as far away as Japan, Germany, Brazil, France and Los Angeles. The Dreams for Women art project asks women and men of all ages to tell us what their dreams are for women by painting, drawing, writing, sketching or decoupaging them onto a postcard.
About The Antigone Foundation:
The Antigone Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that encourages young women aged 10-35 to get involved in leadership, politics, activism and feminism. The Foundation seeks to help young women and girls change the world.
An important project of the organization is to publish Antigone Magazine, a publication about women, leadership, and politics. The organization also runs the Dreams for Women postcard art project. We are currently launching a Dreams for Women Scholarship for young women in Canada and the US. We are also organizing a national Dreams for Women Leadership Tour where we will go to at least 5 Canadian cities and provide leadership training to girls and young women.
For more information, please visit www.antigonefoundation.wordpress.com
About Women`s Worlds 2011:
Women’s Worlds 2011 will take place in Ottawa-Gattineau July 3-7, 2011. The theme of Women’s Worlds 2011 is “Inclusions, exclusions, and seclusions: Living in a globalized world.” The congress is expected to draw around 2000 participants from around the world.
WW 2011 will be a unique global event that will enhance women’s leadership skills and organizational capacity, support the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and foster research and action networks on women’s issues. WW 2011 is a chance to move beyond discussion – to connect and reconnect around common strategies and political agendas so that women’s equality and human rights may truly advance.
The first Women’s Worlds congress was held at Haifa University in December of 1981. Since then, WW has taken place every three years in a different part of the world. WW 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of the congress.
For more information, please visit: www.womensworlds.ca

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