Dreams for Women Weeks 21 – 24

Week 21 – Millenium Scholars Edition Part 1

With thanks to the Millennium Scholars from across Western Canada who participated in the Millennium Foundation’s Western Blowout meeting.


Week 22 – Millenium Scholars Edition Part 2


Week 23 – Student Leadership Conference Edition Part 1

With thanks to the UBC Student Leadership Conference participants.


Week 24 – Student Leadership Conference Edition Part 2


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2 thoughts on “Dreams for Women Weeks 21 – 24”

  1. I was hoping to buy 4 calendars, but the buy now button doesn’t let me say what I’m paying for…and how else would you know?

    Please let me know how I can get four calendars.


  2. Hi Sheena, after you fill out the preliminary info (amount for 4 calendars + shipping, credit card info, address, etc.), you will have the opportunity to leave a message. In the message box, let us know that your donation is for 4 calendars. PayPal will then send us an email with your confirmation # and your message specifying your calendar order.

    Your receipt will also be marked as a donation, because we prefer to have customers input the totals of their purchases (including shipping) instead of setting it up with Paypal as a purchase, where we would have to specify a fixed shipping cost (which varies widely since we ship to the US, Canada and Overseas). We will look into making it more straightforward next year!

    Please email us at antigonemagazine(at)hotmail.com if you have any other questions.

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