The Magazine

What is Antigone Magazine?

Antigone Magazine is a non-profit, non-partisan, bi-annual magazine about women and politics produced at the University of British Columbia. We have a national subscription base that includes the larger Canadian community, university men and women, and politicians from various legislative bodies. The magazine is produced with the assistance of WILLA (Women Involved in Legislative Leadership Association). WILLA, a student organization at UBC, was founded with the intent of linking ambitious and talented young women together in order to help them become fully engaged political citizens. Antigone Magazine works towards creating and sustaining a critical dialogue about women, power, feminism, and leadership. We hold workshops and run a leadership program once a year in addition to our weekly gatherings. Our slogan says it best: a magazine about women, politics, women in politics, and the politics of being a woman.

We’ve covered topics ranging from the history of child care in Canada, to the current state of women in federal politics. We have also been fortunate enough to interview some inspiring and groundbreaking female leaders and politicians, such as Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and former Prime Minister Kim Campbell. Antigone has also been featured by CBC Radio One, The Ubyssey, The F Word (Vancouver CFRO 102.7 FM), The International Museum of Women, and Ms. Magazine and was a voice at the UN 52nd meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women.

Why the Blog?

Our blog treats a variety of issues centering around politics and the politics of being female. We believe that there are not enough voices in the Canadian blogsphere that deal exclusively with women’s issues and women in Canadian politics. We also aim, of course, to connect with the international women’s community by adding our voices to the fray. We aspire to inspire more young women to connect through the creation of a safe, supportive, and welcoming online forum. Young feminists need a rallying point from which to work for change. We hope you will enjoy our mix of news, stories, commentary and event listings. It’s about time women put themselves back on the agenda!

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