Oh, dear. Okay…. so apparently I’m not feeling serious this morning. But really, I can’t help myself. This article is just too ‘precious’ not to mock. Terri Cummins from the News and Tribute wrote a column the other day entitled “The Male Species is Declining and it’s Unfair’.

So, as you have probably surmised, I have a problem with the kneejerk reaction that some people have (men and women) whenever women advance. Even small advancements in women’s rights are bound to make some people a red in the face. Oh, no! Women are getting ‘power’. How frightening. The thought sends a shiver up my spine. I shall give you dear Terry in his own words:

Women have been pushing for an Equal Rights Amendment. Well, how about a Fairness Amendment for men. Go back to our forefathers, who established our country. What were the foremothers doing while the men were fighting for independence? And we’re still fighting for it. For over 218 years, men have guided our nation. Now it’s Nancy and perhaps Missus President, who won’t rely on male interns to alleviate her stress.

Women out number men in colleges and they’re taking over large corporations and rapidly increasing in professions, business and politics. Wake up, it may appear subtle, but it’s a hostile takeover. But if we lose total control, then maybe it’s just as well we go ahead and die young.

“What were the foremothers doing while the men were fighting for independence?” Did he just say that? Yes Reader, that he did. And women’s advancement is nothing like the hostile takeover that he suggests. From his fear you’d think a bunch of aliens swooped down and tried to take over the world. Women are not that organized, nor that successful. Women might outnumber men in colleges, but studies show they are mostly concentrated in the Humanities departments and often end up with jobs that pay far less than men. And women still have yet to achieve anything close to ‘fair’ representation in corporate or political life. But our dear Mr. Cummins doesn’t want you to think he’s one of those ‘sexist pigs’.

Please, do not think I’m a male chauvinist swine. I fully understand there have been and are inequities. It’s just tough on us seeing the other foot being fitted with a high-heel shoe.

I’m so glad that he acknowledged that there have been inequities! Especially in the diminutive and passing way that he did so. Which he then followed with a sexist remark. But he’s no swine… no sirree. That was… well… someone else squealing earlier. Yes. Indeed.