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Hello Ladies (and Gentlemen who support us),

I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m not a regular blogger for the magazine (just a temp really) but I’m one of the co-founders of Willa (The Women in Legislative Leadership Association). I’m a business student at Simon Fraser University, entering my fourth year. I’m planning to major in International Business and probably Marketing, Finance or both.

I’ve been in Taipei on exchange for the past four months and I’m heading to Europe to visit family and do a short internship, in about a week. So, I’ve been busy, as I’m sure you all have been. Just wanted to pop in and support Amanda and her team’s stellar work on this blog and the magazine.

I have a quote from a great article I think you all should read if you get a chance. Thanks to Ayesha Laher, who sent me the article regarding our recent discussions of the last appointment which sealed the UBC Executives (President and VPs of Everything) as all-male.

From: The Last Frontier of Rank Discrimination (The Province July 7th 2007)

There are still five times more men in Parliament than women.

Women working full-time make 71 cents for every $1 men earn. Two-thirds still work in pink ghettos of traditional “women’s work” such as health care, clerical and administrative jobs. Little more than a third of all managers are women.

Women are poor in disproportionate numbers with 38 per cent of single mothers living below the poverty line compared to only 17 per cent of single fathers.

Women are more likely to be victims of violence than men. One in every 10 Canadian women reports having been stalked in the past 10 years.

Women are many more times more likely to be forced, enticed or trafficked into prostitution and, once there, many times more likely to be charged, even though the Criminal Code offense of communicating for the purposes of prostitution was aimed at punishing the buyers and not just the sellers.

If any racial or ethnic minority had been subjected to anything near the discrimination women have suffered and continue to be subjected to, Canada would be an international pariah.