Dreams for Women is going to be exhibited in New Haven, Connecticut at Southern Connecticut State University’s ‘Girl Culture and Girl Studies’ Conference this weekend! We will be displaying a bunch of brand new (never before seen) postcards! Check out the conference description below!

If you’re interested in having Dreams for Women come to your school or town – or if you would like one of Dreams for Women’s representatives to speak at your conference, class or school… just e-mail us at antigonemagazine@hotmail.com!

The Conference:

The 18th Annual Women’s Studies Conference at Southern Connecticut State University explores girlhood. What does it mean to be a girl?  Who defines girlhood in an age when puberty and sexualization are happening at younger ages? How do girls assert their own identity in an increasingly medicated and consumerist culture which targets girls as a prime audience? Why are U.S. girls preoccupied with perfection? What challenges do girls across races, classes, religions, nations, and cultures face in an ever more globalized world? What is the relationship between girls and feminism? What effect can feminism have on constructions of boyhood and masculinity and how in turn can this affect girls? In the 18th annual SCSU Women’s Studies conference, we will take a close look at girls’ culture and girls’ studies, among the most vibrant areas in women’s studies.