Janice Toulouse Chartrand

Ellen Scobie

Clive Holden

Sonja Kobrehel

Siobhan Humston

Krystin Goodsell

Balz Bietenholz

Jonathan Johnson

Gregg Simpson

I would like to thank all the local Vancouver artists who were so kind as to submit postcards for our inaugural Dreams for Women exhibit.  We auctioned these postcards off to raise money for the Antigone Foundation. Thank you all again for contributing to this important project.

I would also like to remind everyone to pick up their Dreams for Women 2009 calendar! The information is in the post below! Buy one for yourself, buy a bunch for your friends as gifts or buy copies to sell as a fundraiser for your non-profit organization!

Antigone Magazine is organizing a Feminist Postcard art project! We want to know what your Dreams for Women are.What are your own dreams for yourself, your friends, your sisters, your daughters? Paint, draw, write, sketch or decoupage your dreams on a postcard and send it to the address below:
Antigone Magazine
Box 61-6138 SUB Boulevard
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6T 1Z1
With your postcard submission, we ask that you make a donation (if you can!) to Antigone Magazine for anywhere from $1 to $10. You can send your money along with your postcard or donate on our blog: http://www.antigonemagazine.wordpress.com/ .
But don’t worry… if you don’t have the money, just send along the postcard and tell people about this program.
What is Antigone Magazine? We’re a grassroots national magazine that works to encourage young women to get involved in politics in Canada. We work to empower young women to engage politically and civically and to actively take part in leadership roles.We are raising the money in order to help launch the Antigone Foundation, a national foundation that will encourage young women aged 10-30 to get politically and civically engaged. Help support Antigone as we help to make the dreams of young women come true!