The following podcasts are audio versions of our latest issue of Antigone Magazine. These podcasts are meant to make our magazine more accessible. As part of our commitment to making The Antigone Foundation and Antigone Magazine open to all women, we will be publishing podcasts of all future issues.

The program used to stream the audio is run on Quicktime. To download the latest version go here.

Women with Disabilities  – Issue 9

Get Involved  – Mary Kasuko-Hikosaka

The Secret Lives of the Invisibly Disabled  – Megan Ryland

Organization we Love: DAWN  – Antigone Staff

Disabling Hysteria  – Emily Yakashiro and Antigone Staff

Interview with Minister Stephanie Cadieux  – Amanda Reaume

Men we Love: Jim Derksen   – Carolyn Nakagawa

Accessibility and Accommodation   – Amanda Reaume

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