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Women’s Worlds 2011 has blasted through barriers and has broken new ground over the last four days that it has taken place in Ottawa. I have had the privilege to be a part of it as a participant, a presenter and as the BC Network Leader for the non-profit participation part of the conference. It has been an incredible journey that has brought me to Montreal (for Women’s World Network Leaders Training) to Whitehorse (for the BC/Yukon Regional meeting) and finally to Ottawa for the conference.

This week about 2000 women came together from all over the world to talk about women and to imagine a Women’s World, that is, one where women have power. As the closing plenary panellist Sebenzile Matsebula said, a women’s world is one that she would like to live in. It’s also one that I would like to live in.

As the conference comes to a close and we all head back to our respective homeplaces, I thought it would be nice to offer a place where participants could come and talk about the moments that touched them, changed them, or moved them to action. What was your favourite or most meaningful moment from Women’s Worlds 2011?

For me, it was watching the wonderful women from Ka Na Kanichihk Inc perform a beautiful ceremony about the colonization of Aboriginal peoples in Canada (pictured above). I was so moved by the three generations of women that came together to Reclaim their Power (the session was entitled Aboriginal Women Reclaiming Our Power).

Please share your favourite moment in the comments!